The Online Quilt Block Pattern Library

Color Heart Wheel Quilt Block

 What is the Online Pattern Library?

It is an online database where you will find over 550 quilt block patterns.  You will also find the templates for each quilt block complete with 1/4" seam allowance.  To help you find the pattern you want the Library is divided into two sections: appliqué and pieced (patchwork) patterns.  When you find a pattern you like simply click on the template and print it out.  Need a fresh copy?  Just print yourself another one.  Its fast, easy and convenient.

Pinwheels Quilt Block PatternCan I Try It Out?

Sure!  If you have a printer attached to your computer lets try printing out a template to see how it looks.  Templates can look small on your screen but will print out at full size which is 6" square.  Let's try it now.



Sister's Choice Quilt Block PatternWhat Does it Cost?

Total access to the Blockcrazy Library of over 550 quilt block patterns is $24.99!  That price is not a yearly subscription price, it is a one time payment.  Some of our quilt block patterns are sold separately in individual collections.  View those collections here.