The Online Quilt Block Pattern Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up for access to the Library?
A: Signing up for membership at will allow you to access the member's only areas of the site.  This is where the entire Library of quilt blocks are stored.  Membership is a one time only fee of $24.99 and is payable by either check, money order or a credit card through Paypal or Google Checkout.  Once we receive your payment we will send you the password needed to access the member's only area. 

Q: How long will my password be good?
A: Your password will never expire.  Your membership with does not have to be renewed each year.  Your fee is a one time only payment.

Q: I just signed up, when can I expect my password?
A: If you are using Paypal or Google Checkout you will receive your password usually the same business day by email.  In some cases please allow up to two business days for processing.  If you pay by check and have provided us with your email address you will receive your password as soon as the bank clears your check.  If you haven't provided your email address your password will be mailed to you.

Q: Can I sell items I make using these patterns?
A: Yes, you can sell any products made using the patterns at  You may not sell your password to the restricted areas of the site however you may print out templates to share with your friends.

Q: What size block do the templates make?
A: All the templates are sized to make a 6 inch square block.  Each template includes a 1/4" seam allowance. If your project requires a different size block we give you instructions on how to easily reduce or enlarge the templates on a copy machine.

Q: How do I use the templates?
A: Print out a template and glue the page onto a heavy cardstock or similar material.  Cut out the individual pieces on the dotted line.  If you want to make a more permanent template you can cut out the pieces on the dotted line and trace them onto template plastic.  Template plastic can be found at crafts and fabric stores.  If shopping online try, they have very good prices.  Templates that are transferred onto template plastic can be used over and over.  Store them in a small ziplock bag with the name of the block and size written with marker on the bag.  You can also tuck a picture of the block into the bag for future reference.  You will be surprised at how large your ready made collection of templates can become.