The Online Quilt Block Pattern Library

8 Big Reasons to Buy Online Patterns

1) Save Time in Your Busy Day.
    Don't waste your time searching through books and magazines to find
    the perfect pattern for your project.  All your patterns are in one Library,
    right at your fingertips.

2) Save More of Your Hard Earned Money.
    No more money spent on all those books and magazines.  With one
    purchase you have a growing Library of over 500 quilt block patterns.

3) Save Tons of Storage Space.
    Less purchased books means less storage space needed.  All your patterns
    are neatly stored right on your computer.

4) Easily Print out Templates.
    Whether you need one copy or 100 copies of a template it is as simple as
    hitting the print button.  Mess up when cutting out your template or lose
    your template?  Just print a new one!

5) No More Smudged Copies.
    Each copy is printed fresh right from your printer.  No fuzzy photocopies,
    no more trying to copy a pattern off the page of a book.

6) Feel Good About Helping the Environment.
    You will be saving our natural resources by supporting digital projects
    like this one.

7) Not Just for Quilt Block Patterns.
    The images in the Library can be used for many other purposes besides
    quilt making.  Use them for scrapbooking, card making, wood burning,
    your imagination is the limit.

8) Always Have the Current Version.
    When a book comes out with a latest edition you need to repurchase that
    book.  Not with the Online Library!  Each time you log into the Library
    you are seeing the latest editions and newest collections every time.  The
    Library is constantly being updated and you don't pay another penny.